The Pargo Reef Project- Local families tell stories of the Pargo Rojo “Red Snapper” that they caught of the docks of Bocas del Toro on a daily basis. They would play in the water, take a nap and maybe work a few hours. Afterwards catch a pargo and go home to eat with plantains and rice, sounds like a dream to me!

Today it is not so easy to catch your dinner. The pargo population has noticeably dropped and one of the main problems is the invasive Lion Fish. They are foreign to our reefs and they feed off young reef fish.

To start to combat this problem we will be diving the reefs daily and spearing Lion Fish that feed on the the reef fish.

Afterwards we look forward to a Lion fish Ceviche served on a half coconut with crispy plantains all from the farm. It isn’t a dream day but it is a step in the right direction.

Our list of projects will grow as we move forward and we look forward to involving the entire community in building a healthy and sustainable future for our children, granchildren and Mother Nature.