Isla Solarte Real Estate

La Vida Solarte Project

The La Vida Solarte properties are positioned to form a sustainable community.  Beautiful Isla Solarte is approximately one mile from the town of Bocas del Toro, and easy to reach by private boat or water taxi. It’s the best of both worlds; privacy with easy access to town. The property consists of 93 titled fincas, plus the titled infrastructure finca (5409), which includes the paths, common areas, and “green spaces”.  The common areas and green spaces are quite large, and could be segregated into additional fincas.  There are an additional 12 fincas available to transfer into La Vida Solarte at the point of sale.

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The terrain is varied; beachfront, ridge lots, forested areas, hilly lots with ocean views, and interior forest lots as well. The concept is a community with walking and hiking paths, for use by golf carts and bicycles too.  A basic system of maintained paths is already in place. A service dock and a standard dock are located on the Sunset Beach side (facing Bocas del Toro).  There are numerous docks on the side of the island facing Bastimentos.  Additional docks can be added when needed.  Community gardens have been started.  They consist of banana trees, coco palms, pineapples and other crops.  Raising chickens and pigs has begun, and can be expanded upon.  Because the properties are wide spread, several mini-communities can be designed.

There is no HOA, which is a plus.  A new HOA (or several) can be created by the project owner as part of the sales program.  The owners of fincas that have been sold would most likely welcome a new developer and a HOA to help manage the project.  Some may wish to sell.  There are many sold fincas, but only one full time resident.  She is elderly and may wish to leave the island in the near future.

All the titled fincas, including 5409, are duly recorded in the Public Registry.  We have the corresponding surveys for every finca.  In 2002, when the fincas were subdivided, an all encompassing survey was prepared.  We have that program available and will provide it to the buyer.  The paths illustrated on the surveys and maps are also recorded in the Public Registry.

All properties are free of tax liabilities. The individual fincas are valued at $1,000 each and consequently have no tax liabilities. Taxes for Finca 5409 are approximately $222.00 per year, and are current.

The land mass of the 93 fincas is approximately 214,303 square meters.  The land mass of the portion of Finca 5409 that will be included in the sale is approximately 390,000 square meters.  The additional 12 fincas available for transfer at the point of sale equal 14,414 square meters.

The total square meters of titled land included in the sale is approximately 604,303 which equals approximately 149+ acres. With the transfer of the additional 12 fincas at point of sale, the total land mass would be 616,727 square meters or almost 153 acres.