As we move forward we want to instill many concepts and many begin with community. Our farm borders the local indigenous community and we aim to work with them and learn from them as they learn from us.

For example, the indigenous are very keen on reuse of materials rather than recycling.  When they make purchases they ask themselves if they can use this product again.  Glass bottles with lids, plastic water jugs and peanut bottles seldom go to waste.

On the other hand we do have basic problems with trash throughout Bocas del Toro and our plan to try to help is to educate the local population of the effects that trash can have on the environment as well as the tourism industry. This is a very important topic in Bocas del Toro in general and education is just the beginning.

In the future we will be working on community centers, joint recycling/reuse programs with local restaurants, and most importantly living a sustainable life while only creating a minimal amount of waste.