Isla Solarte provides a free outdoors lifestyle with lots of different activities within the island itself and nearby. The island is home to many wildlife both within the jungles of Solarte and in the reef surrounding the island. Its central location is perfect to explore the surrounding areas making isla Solarte the ideal location for any active person.


Isla Solarte has trails already made with different hiking spots offering a variety of wildlife to see. Tiny dart frogs, sloths, monkeys and birds make up the different species you will find while hiking here. Leaf-cutter ants, birds of all types, red frogs and some of the largest trees in the area make up the different things you will see along the La Vida Solarte project trails. You may also spot three-toed sloths, rare birds and eagles and much more. Many of the trails have look out points with views of Bahía Honda, isla Bastimentos, isla Carenero and isla Colón. Watch the sunrise from behind isla Bastimentos and the sunset from behind isla Colon.


The surrounding reef on isla Solarte provide a variety of diving and snorkeling spots, in fact most Bocas del Toro scuba diving schools stop around the surrounding areas. Find colorful reef and even sunken ships, you can even find artificial reef created by local reef restoration programs on the island.


Isla Solarte’s canopy makes La Vida Solarte project a wonderful birding destination in Panama, and has already birdwatching tours set up within the area. The birding tours take you through isla Solarte’s tropical island trails filled with lush rainforest and many tropical birds.  Manakins, Tanagers and Oropendulas are common sightings along with many other species.  We also are in a unique migratory position where we get visitors year round.


Carenero island is just a few minutes from isla Solarte and happens to be one of Bocas del Toro’s top surfing spots. Carenero has surfing spots for beginners as well as experienced surfers looking for endless barrels. There are so many spots at this island that if you really want, you can find a place just for you or a few friends. Don’t get stuck at the same spot fighting waves with tourists, by moving down the beach a ways you can find spots just for yourself.

Isla Bastimentos is also close by and offers endless options as well. When the waves are small check out Wizard Beach or Long Beach, both sand bottoms with beautiful beaches and crystal clear warm water. Isla Solarte’s ideal location is perfect for exploring the Bocas del Toro surf spots.